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Stomp Out Boredom

Stomp out boredom with family game night! One of my most cherished memories from childhood is sitting in my “Nanny’s” cottage by the fire and playing Rummy 500. I cherish those days and now love hosting a good old-fashioned game night too. It’s so much fun to get together with family and laugh the night away – often without spending a dime. You don’t have to buy a new game to keep the laughs coming.


Egyptian War This is probably my all-time favorite card game. It is similar to regular war in that the object of the game is to take possession of all the cards in the deck. This game could last 5 minutes or 5 hours. Google the rules, also known as Egyptian Ratscrew.

Spades If you want to play a card game with four players, think… the game of Spades. You can play with a partner which will add even more excitement.

Spoons This game is played by sitting in a circle with one less spoon in the middle than there are participants (like musical chairs). Each player starts with 4 cards. The goal is to get 4 of the same rank. As a deck of cards is passed around the circle one card at a time, your goal is to find a desired card and exchange it for one you need to discard. Once you get 4 cards of the same rank, discreetly grab a spoon from the middle. When other players notice a spoon is missing, they all attempt to grab a spoon, so they don’t go out.



Not an artist? Not a problem. Get ready for loads of laughter! You can create your own game set with a white board and some fun words to draw written on slips of paper, or you can buy the actual Pictionary game by Hasbro ($30.)

5. Charades

You can never go wrong with a classic game like charades. Split into teams and have one person from each team act out a movie, book, or TV show to see who can guess the answer.


6. Dominoes

Like a deck of cards, dominoes are versatile and can be played many ways. I enjoy Mexican Train and Chickenfoot. You can buy a set of dominoes for as little as $15.

7. Uno or Other Special Card Game

A game does not need to be complex to be fun. Uno, Phase 10, and Skip-Bo are great choices. A deck of Uno cards starts at around $7.

8. Apples to Apples Expansion

A popular game is Apples to Apples. In this game, you match up adjectives and nouns for a night of hilarious comparisons. To save money, buy just the expansion set or the travel version.


9. Would You Rather

The more creative you are, the more fun this game can be. For this game, the players move to one side of the room or another depending on what they prefer given two options.

For example, the first set of options might be wearing shoes or going barefoot. The person who is “it” would announce, “Would you rather wear shoes or go barefoot?” If your answer is you prefer to wear shoes, you would go to the left, but if you would rather be barefoot, you would go to the right. Keep track of the answers to see who has the most in common with each other.

10. the game of “Things”

If you have ever played The Game of Things, you’ll be able to play my version of the game. Instead of paying full price for the actual game, just make up the questions yourself. If you have never played The Game of Things, get ready for some side-splitting laughs.

One person is “it” and will say a statement that will have a thing as the answer, such as “Things you shouldn’t do while at school.” Everyone then writes on a piece of paper something that shouldn’t be done at school, such as sleep. The person who is “it” then collects all the answers and reads them out loud. Then, go around the room letting people guess a match up of a person and an answer. If they are correct, that person gets a point, and the person whose answer was guessed is out. Continue going around the room until one person is left. That person gets three points.


Try It Before You Buy It!

If you are not sure if you want to invest money in a game, check out Hasbro Games Demo site where you can try out some of their popular games, including Cranium, Funglish, and The Game of Things. You could also try all these demos at game night and have a “smorgasbord” of games!

An alternative to playing a game is to do a puzzle. This will give you a good opportunity to really talk with each other and find out whats going in their lives.


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