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Strength in Faith, Excellence in Knowledge, Character in Service

St. Martha Catholic School offers challenging academics to students in Pre-K through 8th Grade.

In an effort to serve God and the community, students, staff and families of St. Martha Catholic

School work together to maintain high academic standards, develop Christ-centered

relationships, and provide stewardship to Sarasota and the surrounding areas. St. Martha

Catholic School students have consistently performed in the top 20% across the nation year

after year. All teachers are certified in their subject areas with all early childhood classes having

a full or part time aide.

Research by the US Dept. of Education, the National Catholic Educational Association and

independent agencies show that: Catholic schools have a lower dropout rate than public and

other private schools; 99% of Catholic high-school students graduate; 97% of Catholic students

go on to some form of post-secondary education; Catholic school students nationwide perform

better on three basic objectives of civic education (i.e. the capacity for community service,

learning and using civic skills, and political/social tolerance); Catholic school students in

Sarasota County have scored in the top 10 to 15% on Standardized Tests compared to other

Catholic and private schools across the nation.

St. Martha Catholic School follows a STREAM curriculum, which is an interdisciplinary,

standards-based model that integrates Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, The Arts, and

Mathematics. From Pre-K through 8th Grade, the teachers at St. Martha Catholic School design

units of study that challenge and empower students, creating an environment that encourages

problem-solving, collaboration, student-led inquiry and hands-on projects. A science lab,

vegetable garden, prayer garden, open fields, and the Zazarino Center serve as dynamic learning

spaces. STREAM educates students for their future, makes learning relevant, and emphasizes

interdisciplinary connections. The Catholic faith is woven through all subjects and grade levels,

promoting a culture of innovation and ethical action.

St. Martha Catholic School is a leader in the integration of technology. The classrooms are

equipped with mobile ViewSonic panels and all students have a Chromebook to utilize 1:1

technology. In addition to Chromebooks, students have access to a mobile lab of iPads. Classes

in grades 2-8 integrate digital, collaborative workspaces through the use of Google Classroom.

In addition, students have access to a STREAM lab with access to Ozobots, Dot & Dash robots,

CUE robots, Virtual Reality, 3-D Computer Printing, Codapillar, Tiggly, Ozmo, SmartGurlz, and

many other tech tools to learn coding and apply their learning creatively through digital design.

The St. Martha Catholic School facility and campus were designed with safety and technology

integration as priorities. The Zazarino Center is an approximately 26,000 sq. ft., multi-faceted

facility featuring a gymnasium, locker rooms, classrooms, concession area, performance stage,

music room, community room, and physical education offices. St. Martha Catholic School is fully

equipped with an elevator and other provisions for children/parents with special needs and is

conveniently located near Cardinal Mooney High School with easy access to Interstate 75.



St. Martha Catholic School

4380 Fruitville Road

Sarasota, FL 34232


941-366-5580 (Fax)



Admissions Contact

Mrs. Maria Smith



Social Media

Facebook: @StMarthaCatholicSchool

Twitter: @StMarthaCS

Instagram: @smcs_srq

LinkedIn: St. Martha Catholic School

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