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Reader's Choice Winner - Best Tutoring is Kid Potential!

Who Are We at Kid Potential? We are one of 550 providers of a nationally researched pair of programs called PACE and Master The Code. PACE stands for Processing and Cognitive Enhancement and Master the Code, the other program we offer, re-teaches reading, writing, and spelling codes.

The goal of PACE and Master the Code is to build brain based learning skills until they reach or exceed age appropriate levels. Students who complete the program can read, write, and spell fluently.

The PACE program, developed by Dr. Ken Gibson and a collaborating team of learning and medical professionals of Colorado Springs, CO, is based on the idea that there are six underlying areas in the brain that govern learning. If these areas are strong and well developed, the student will be an A/B student. If these areas are weak or underdeveloped, the student will struggle in school and in life.

The results at Kid Potential are dramatic. Typically our students are going up 4 years reading level in only 60 hours of individual instruction and we guarantee results.

For FREE Testing, call Stacy Collins, Cognitive Trainer at (808) 744-2867 or email at kidpotential@hotmail.com.


Phone: (808) 744-2867

Email: kidpotential@hotmail.com

Visit our website at: www.kidpotentialflorida.com

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