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Reader's Choice - The Florida Center for Early Childhood therapy

FAMILY THERAPY WINNER - The Florida Center for Early Childhood Therapy

Andrew was extremely sensitive to touch, lacked communication skills and could not focus his attention. He had no interest in interacting with others, including family members and children his own age.

Andrew’s parents enrolled him at The Florida Center’s Starfish Academy preschool and he began receiving onsite developmental therapy. They began noticing positive changes almost immediately. A major milestone occurred one evening when he called his family members by name and gave them each a hug! This was the first of many milestones for Andrew who continues to flourish at Starfish Academy.

For over 40 years, The Florida Center for Early Childhood has been the leading provider of therapeutic services, early education and healthy development for young children, like Andrew. We offer a seamless delivery of services for the whole child and their family. For more information, visit www.thefloridacenter.org or call 941.371.8820.


4620 17th St, Sarasota 941.371.8820 www.thefloridacenter.org

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