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New Gate School

Updated: Mar 25

Cultivate a life a lifelong love of learning.

NewGate serves as the Lab School of the Montessori Foundation. As such, their goal is to embody the principles of best practice in Montessori education that the Foundation teaches to Montessori school leaders around the world.

As many of you know, the Montessori Foundation literately ‘wrote the book’ on how to integrate Montessori principles into all aspects of school life, from an authentic Montessori program and curriculum at each age level, to building a partnership-based community, student leadership, and family-friendly policies.

Montessori classrooms tend to fascinate both children and their parents. There are interest centers filled with intriguing learning materials, fascinating mathematical models, maps, charts, fossils, historical artifacts, computers, scientific apparatus and perhaps a small natural-science display.

Classrooms are carefully prepared to stimulate children’s independence and intellectual development. You will not find rows of desks, even at the Upper School level; instead, the room will be set up to facilitate discussions and stimulate collaborative learning.

At the Early Childhood and Elementary levels, students will typically be found scattered around the classrooms, working alone or with one or two others. They tend to become so involved in their work that visitors are immediately struck by the peaceful atmosphere. At the Upper School, many classes will involve seminar discussions, individual research, thoughtful writing, and field experience.

Teachers focus on each student as an individual, not on a daily lesson plan for the entire class. The ultimate objective is to help students to learn how to learn things deeply and independently, holding on to the curiosity, creativity, and intelligence with which they were born. Teachers don’t simply present lessons; they are facilitators, mentors, coaches, and guides.



5237 Ashton Rd | Sarasota, Fl


5481 Communications Pkwy | Sarasota, Fl

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