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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

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Marvel Kids Florida offers a special tutoring program aimed at the healthy development of children’s brains. The goal of the program is for children to maximally awaken their mental capacities, increasing their intellect and emotional intelligence. Mental development is achieved in a fun and playful way, based on three key things: calculating on the abacus, mental arithmetic, and didactic games. Mental Arithmetic is based on the use of the ancient calculating device called abacus (Japanese: Soroban).

The Marvel Kids by Hikari program is intended for children ages 4-12, because it is the lifetime in which the human brain develops most dynamically and during which the largest number of neuronal connections will occur (synapses). After this period, the opportunities for development are significantly less, and it is extremely important not to let this unique opportunity in the life of the child go away.

After mastering abacus work and harnessing the powers of both brain hemispheres, children unleash their hidden potential. They are able to quickly and accurately calculate tasks like 7262 x 6/43 or 8473 + 3637 - 7372 ... without any tools, and with the correct answer in just a few seconds! This ability will stay with them trough their adult life.

Abacus mathematics develops a number of skills and abilities, such as:







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