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Kid Potential Sarasota | Sarasota, FL

A Revolutionary Learning Center

Is your child falling behind other students when it comes to cognitive abilities and academic performance? Kid Potential Sarasota is a learning center that addresses the way your student thinks. We implement exercises that stretch their minds to be able to commit to memory the techniques they can apply to whatever subject they take in school.

A Better Alternative To Tutoring

Why would you spend thousands of dollars year after year for tutoring, only for your child to review what he or she has already been exposed to? Tutoring is a temporary solution and doesn't address the main causes of educational frustration. Kid Potential Sarasota offers an alternative to tutoring in Sarasota, Florida. We seek solutions to improve academic performance and discover your student's learning style by asking a different question: "How strong is his or her ability to learn?" Then we seek to strengthen and change the brain through varied cognitive training. After completing the PACE and Master the Code programs, your student will have improved their ability to perform independently at school or work.

PACE (Processing And Cognitive Enhancement)

In 1985, an informal symposium was held in Appleton, Wisconsin, that changed the way we look at learning difficulties. Specialists in special education, clinical and cognitive psychology, occupational therapy, central auditory processing disorders, visual processing, learning disabilities, and memory research from a number of universities and professional clinics met to ask and answer one question:

"How can we best help individuals experiencing learning difficulties so that they can learn easier and faster?"

Led by Dr. Ken Gibson, a specialist in pediatric visual processing, and his brother, Keith Gibson, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, the symposium reviewed the existing research on brain and memory function, visual processing, and learning theory.

For over 15 years, the two brothers had been gathering clinical experience with both children and adults. They had observed that some patients seemed to attend better and recall important facts more easily when they were given short, but intense periods of training. They now asked the question, "what kind of learning has the greatest impact in the shortest possible time?"

The Gibson brothers developed a series of recall exercises, which rapidly improved concentration and memory abilities. Soon they were ready for the first test.

A Revolutionary Sound-Based Reading Program

Since the dawn of creation, man has communicated through spoken language. For most children, in fact, the ability to talk naturally develops without formal instruction. However, reading and writing are completely different entities.

A fundamental fact we must remember is that written language was developed in order to record our spoken language. Speech sounds are the foundation upon which the written code was formed. Speech sounds existed before written language and are audible, consistent, and in a sense "real." They existed well before written language was developed and would continue to exist even if all written records of our civilization were destroyed. Letters in English are merely the arbitrary, man-made, unstable code that we use to represent speech sounds on paper. As with all codes, of course, English was designed to be reversible. You can write it into the code (encoding or spelling) and transfer it back (decoding or reading). The key is to remember that sounds are the building block.


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