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FC Sarasota Summer Camp

Updated: May 11, 2020


FC Sarasota Summer Camp is designed to provide our soccer players a first class soccer experience. We create a nurturing and supportive environment that will positively shape the attitudes to achieve success. Players will be exposed to creative soccer exercises and games that will enhance their technical ability. This will all be done in a fun and entertaining way! From small sided games to fun competitive contests, every player will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the game.

Players will be place in age appropriate groups to ensure relevant and optimal training activities. Each camp includes a 30 minute lunch break in the FC Sarasota air conditioned clubhouse at Twin lakes park. In the lunch period children will watch a professional soccer match with guided interpretation from the professional coaching staff.






***We want to thank you all for your continued patience as we navigate through these unprecedented times. The mandatory suspension of all activities remains in effect through April 15th. The club is looking at all options for completing the final three games for the spring recreational program and we will provide our members with updates to this goal. 

2020-2021 Competitive Season Tryouts are currently scheduled for beginning the week of May 18th. We will be posting the details the week of April 1st on our website and we will continue to communicate any changes to the schedule due to mandatory activity suspensions.***

Try the challenge! Juggling is critical to balance, touch, technique and confidence - it’s a fun way to test your skills! The goal is to get our players touching the ball on a daily basis striving for development as well as having some fun! Check out Coach Tom's demonstration and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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