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Easter Bunny Cut Up Cake

With a homebound Easter Sunday right around the corner, we took to the kitchen for a fun easter family activity. To make sure this wasn't too complicated, we put our own skills to the test to recreate a cute Bunny cake! Here is our inspiration for the cake:

The question is ... did we "Nail It" or "Fail It"?

The idea is simple (ish) – you start with typically shaped cakes, cut them up, reassemble pieces, and create a fun design. Cut up cakes are a great activity to do with kids. Teaches young ones about making shapes, measuring, colors, and creativity!

Ingredients need (all found at Publix):

- Box Cake mix

- 2 round cake pans

- 3 egg whites

- 1 cup of water

- 1/3 cup of vegetable oil

- 2 tins of vanilla icing

- 1 pink frosting with adjustable tips

- 1 green frosting with adjustable tips

- 1 tube of black icing

***If you would like to get even more creative, use white cake mix and bright food coloring to make the cake batter come to life!***

First things first, make sure you clean off counter surfaces, and wash your hands!

This bunny cut-up cake is made with two 9-inch round cakes. You only need one cake mix to make this guy, which makes him super cheap and easy for kids! Follow the directions on the back of the cake box, and get them into the oven.

Once they have cooked through, take out pans and let them cool. WARNING: DO NOT CUT IN PAN!

Take the cakes out of the pan and place on your tin foil wrapped base. Carefully cut 2 half moon shapes on one of the circles to create the ears and bowtie.

Then assemble into a bunny! (TIP - if the bottom is flakey like ours was, flip pieces over to ice the smoother side.)

Then the fun begins! Now to decorate. Use one can of vanilla icing to coat the entire cake. Spread carefully!

Take the pink icing can, and use the star tip to make the lining of the ears and nose.

Then take the green icing can and pipe around the perimeter. Keep going around until it is filled in event one the sides.

We did not have the equipment to do the pipping texture for the white frosting. So we improvised! Any parent will have this tool in their pantry ... a ziplock bag! Transfer the second can of vanilla frosting into the bag, seal with minimal air trapped inside, and cut a thin tip off on one side. Use to mimic a pipping bag and swirl the frosting around to give fur like texture.

Now for the hard part ... eyes, whiskers and cute bunny smile!

Voila! What do you think? Comment below to let us know if we nailed it or failed it! Submit images of your easter cake creations to win a Summer Camp SURPRISE! [send to creative@floridafamilyliving.com or post on our Facebook page!]

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