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Dynasty Dance Summer Camp

Dynasty Dance Clubs is Florida’s premier social dance club. If you live in Sarasota or are just visiting, come see us to have fun, meet new people, learn new steps, and get great exercise! We teach ballroom, latin and nightclub dancing, and we have things to do every day of the week!

Ballroom dancing for school-aged children can be the best hobby a parent can involve them in! At one time, ballroom dancing was a regular part of a child’s education because it promotes manners, good posture, social skills, and a sense of pride. On a purely physical level dancing is a great form of exercise and provides the benefits of improved heath, coordination, and muscle tone. On a mental level, dancing enhances cognitive learning, and provides a goal- something they can work towards and be proud of. Ballroom dancing can also be used as a method for treating social, emotional, and physical problems at young age. Plus, ballroom dancing is simply FUN!!!



941.955.8558 - SRQ

2272 Main Street

941.907.8183 - LWR

7313 International Pl


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