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Dental Apps for Kids

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Getting your children excited about brushing their teeth can sometimes take a bit of creativity. Even if they enjoy tooth-brushing, there are some days when it may be a struggle to keep up with the routine. Did you know that your smartphone can help? Whether as a reward or a “bribery” tool, there are some apps that may help you make your daily hygiene routine fun.

Chomper Chums

Chomper Chums is a dental hygiene focused app designed to help parents teach children proper brushing techniques while keeping them entertained. Children earn rewards within the app for brushing, flossing and rinsing their teeth. They can use coins and Super Smile Award points to buy food and drinks for their virtual Chomper Chums pets. The app also encourages them to choose healthy food for their on-screen friends, so they learn about healthy eating choices in addition to building better oral hygiene.

Brush DJ

Brushing for two minutes, twice a day is an important part of your oral hygiene. Most children find it very difficult to keep track of time and, as a result, they may leave some plaque behind when brushing. Brush DJ is an app that will play 2 minutes of music from your music library. It has a visual display guiding you on where to brush and for how long. Brush DJ also lets you set reminders to change your toothbrush, floss and go to regular dental appointments.

Monster Mouths, DDS

Monster Mouth DDS is a colorful, fun and educational app that will help kids learn about the importance of tooth-brushing to avoid other oral problems. When the monsters are in pain, it is your job to bring them relief. Once you have properly brushed their teeth you can take an X-Ray, destroy cavities, and do other procedures to return the monster’s mouth to better health. You will have to race against the timer to avoid more “gunk” to build up on the teeth, which will require another round of brushing before you can proceed.

Dentist Office Kids

No dental school required to play with these dental tools! This app allows kids to be on the other side of the dentist’s chair. It helps them familiarize with tools and dental procedures. After selecting a patient, kids can choose from a few dental procedures and challenges to perform. They get graded on skills and time. Try this fun and non-scary app to introduce dental procedures to your children.

Braces Help

Braces Help is an app for people who are considering getting braces or are already under orthodontic treatment. This app has helpful tips, videos and pictures on how to care for braces. It also has information on what to do if your child is having trouble with braces. Use this app in conjunction with tips you receive during your regular orthodontic appointments and you will have all the help you need on your child’s smile-makeover journey.

Helping children develop good oral hygiene habits can safeguard their smile for years to come. Start early. Brush twice a day. Floss once a day. Visit your pediatric dentist twice a year. Eat healthy. Stay motivated. Make it fun!


Dr. Maribel Santo-Cordero is a board-certified pediatric dentist in Lakewood Ranch dedicated to the oral health of children, adolescents and children with special needs. She believes in helping children achieve their full potential by providing all the necessary tools to achieve optimal oral health. Visit www.sarasotachildrendentistry.com to learn more about her practice.

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