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Backyard Camping Vacation

Every year kids look forward to the school bell ringing for the last time. They have been day dreaming about summer camp, being with friends, pool parties and going on vacation!

Family vacations are a time honored summer tradition. Unfortunately this year has parents scrambling, changing their yearly plans, and scratching their heads with one question in mind:

“What are we going to do all summer long?”

Thankfully a special family vacation is only a frisbee toss away! The funny thing about children ... their imagination is endless. Most kids don’t remember the resort, how comfortable the beds were, where they ate, or the details of traveling to a destination. They remember the memories made along the way.

Give your kids the summer vacation you BOTH deserve by hosting an unforgettable backyard camping experience. Use these tips and tricks to make it feel as authentic as possible:


Pack a suitcase like you would if you were actually leaving your home. This may seem silly, but it will help set the tone for the whole weekend. Let the kids decide their outfits, toys, games and have them help you gather all camping necessities. This will reduce the need to utilize your home throughout the weekend.


Once outside, find the perfect spot to set up a real tent. Have everyone pitch in and teach them the proper way to set up a campsite. Lay out blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and secure all possessions inside the tent so their clothes and games are easily accessible, not scattered.


Teach them the importance of fire safety! Create a safe area and make a small fire to cook with. Cooking over a campfire can produce delicious food and is a fun camping activity. Everyone preps their own food. Later the fire can be used for s’mores & stories!

Too dry outside or against your H.O.A? Drag your grill over to your “campsite” for easy cooking. Set up chairs, a table or picnic area to eat at. Make it as authentic as possible!


The “campsite” is fully set up, now the fun begins! Have activities planned like you would if you were really camping. Here are our favorites:

Scavenger Hunt Create a list with items they could find right in their own backyard. From birds to bugs, plants, flowers and everything in between, see how many you can check off your list! PRO TIP: Have them craft toilet paper roll binoculars to accessorize. See video HERE.

Stargaze See how many constellations you can find. Don’t have good visibility? Download an app to help find the stars in the sky.

Play Games Charades, Uno, Skip-Bo, Hide & Go Seek, Manhunt, and Corn Hole are all fantastic family fun games! PRO TIP: Make a nighttime Hop Scotch or Ring Toss with glow sticks from the Dollar Store.

The more creative you get, the more it will feel like a true vacation. Set boundaries so no one goes inside, and enjoy making memories with your children this summer!


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