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A Week at InStride Summer Camp

It was an amazing week during InStride’s first ever Equine Assisted Learning Horsemanship Summer Camp! Through a unique experiential approach, participants learned about horse behavior and how to care for horses, as well as developing horsemanship skills that include leading, riding, and working with a horse at liberty.

InStride packed a lot into one week, and by the end their participants were feeling confident and successful!

Activities throughout the week included:

• Learning about horse behavior

• How to properly care for a horse

• They learned how to effectively communicate with their horses

• Began exploring leadership through leading and liberty exercises

• They worked on their confidence and body awareness

• Riding through obstacles

• Learned about basic horse anatomy

• Hoof care

• How to correctly identify colors and markings

… along with fun crafts and special projects!

Specially trained and certified instructors lead InStride’s Equine Assisted Learning horsemanship camp and create a safe, fun, and supportive environment!

What distinguishes InStride’s horsemanship summer camp from other horse camps is that it follows an educational plan designed to create opportunities for participants to develop or improve critical life skills through interaction with horses.

Those life skills include:

• Confidence

• Communication

• Self-awareness

• Trust

• Respect,

• Problem-solving

• Setting boundaries

• Ability to develop healthy connections

• Relief from anxiety and depression can also occur

Camp hours are 9AM to 3PM, Monday through Friday. Camp weeks are June 25-29, July 9-13, and July 23-27. The cost for camp is $295 for the week. To register, call 941-412-9333, or email DailaL@instridetherapy.org

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