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St. Martha Catholic School

St. Martha Catholic School is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference. We are also a member of the National Catholic Education Association and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

St. Martha Catholic School

St. Martha Catholic School (SMCS) began serving families in 1950. Since its beginning, the school has offered a uniquely progressive program dedicated to the highest academic standards, while nurturing spiritual growth in the Catholic faith. Currently, SMCS educates students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth. In 1997, the school committed to expanding its facilities to accommodate the high demand for enrollment. These new facilities would provide the students with state of the art classrooms and the latest technological developments in education. Today, St. Martha Catholic School continues to offer excellent academics to a diverse community. For over sixty years, the school has remained inspired and committed to fulfill our mission – Strength in Faith, Excellence in Knowledge, and Character in Service.

Faculty, staff, parents, and students demonstrate their “Strength in Faith” by following in the path that Jesus set forth. Students and faculty attend weekly Mass and participate in spiritual activities, such as prayer services, reciting the rosary, and the Stations of the Cross. Values and morals are integrated throughout our curriculum. All members of the SMCS community are encouraged to pray for each other, the surrounding community, and their global families.

The school demonstrates a passion for education and commitment to high academic standards, exemplifying “Excellence in Knowledge.” Our early childhood program (3 – 5 year olds) is designed to teach the whole child with an emphasis on social and emotional growth while strengthening their physical, verbal, and cognitive development. The elementary and middle school curriculum focus on the academic requirements of both the State of Florida and National Standards. The goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to succeed in a continually evolving complex and technologically sophisticated society. The curriculum includes Language Arts (writing, reading, grammar, spelling and phonics), Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Religion and Spanish. Differentiated instructional approaches are used in all subject areas. Additional courses are offered to provide students with a well rounded educational experience. These courses include Art, Music, Drama, Library, and Physical Education. Technology skills are integrated within the existing curriculum. All middle school students apply these skills by taking a required research course. This course is integrated into the Language Arts and Social Studies programs. In addition to the regular course of studies, the school offers programs for students with a need for special services, including Title I, speech therapy, tutoring programs, and subject area enrichment and remediation.

Community Service is an integral part of the school’s mission, “Character in Service.” The school is passionate in their calling to help those in need. Multiple opportunities are designed to help those less fortunate in both Sarasota and communities world wide. For the last four years, the school has been the largest contributor to the Gifts of God Program, which supplies food and basic necessities to the homeless. Examples of other service work in our community include, but are not limited to: Mayors Feed the Hungry, All Faiths Food Bank, Christmas presents for migrant families, long-sleeve shirts for migrant field workers, shoes for homeless children, and the Pajama Program as seen on the Today Show. Globally we send packages and letters to those serving in the military and we have purchased numerous Shelter Boxes over the past several years for people experiencing both natural and man-made disasters throughout the world. In addition, individual classes collect diapers for babies, sell cookies for cancer research, and provide food for animal shelters. One of this year’s goals is to adopt an impoverished school in Mexico in need of the essential tools to provide a successful learning environment. These exceptional service activities help to develop students to recognize they are an integral part of the global community.

St. Martha Catholic School students are destined to become life-long learners who will make positive contributions to society through their faith, knowledge and service. These altruistic values flow naturally from the students because they are taught to think and do for others from the moment they enter the school.

4380 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232

(941) 953-4181



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