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Sarasota Academy of the Arts

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

SAA will provide students interested in visual and performing arts with rigorous academic skills in line with The Florida Standards of Education strongly infused with the arts. SAA believes that the opportunity to experience the arts on a continual basis promotes and enhances academic success. All students in elementary school will receive art and music instruction daily. Middle school students may elect from a wide variety of visual and performing arts to round out their academic day. The goal of SAA is to prepare students to become well-rounded, confident, academically-prepared, and innovative adults who are able to reach their full potential as caring and responsible citizens. ​

Questions Most Commonly Asked By Prospective SAA Parents

1. What makes SAA different than other schools? A. We feel that we offer an outstanding performing arts program far beyond what is typically expected of schools within our age range. We believe that what students gain from on-stage performing experiences could never come out of a textbook. They learn responsibility, self-confidence and a feeling of being successful. We also feel that we offer a "family atmosphere" where teachers and students have a mutual respect for each other and where students may live and grow emotionally as well as socially and academically surrounded by a warm, caring, loving staff. 2. Do students need to be talented in the performing arts area to attend SAA? A. We believe all students are talented and it is up to us to develop it. When watching any of our "shows," it may appear that the students are especially talented in performing arts because we will be assisting them to develop to their full potential and it is obvious that they are enjoying themselves tremendously. 3. Where do SAA students typically perform? A. SAA classes will perform on stage at various locations, including our campus, Glenridge Performing Arts Center, and The Players Theatre. Students also will perform in many nursing homes, retirement centers and for service clubs. Bringing performances to these very special citizens is our ongoing community service project. 4. What is the average class size? A. SAA's Kindergarten through 8th Grade classes conform to the Florida Class Size Ammendment. There will be a maximum class size of 18 students in Kindergarten, and other classes range from 18 - 22 students. 5. Is there extra help available for remediation and/or acceleration? A. SAA will have a "learning support" system designed to provide additional help by the classroom teacher for students that have the need. These learning support times could be to help a particular student who needs additional assistance on a continual basis, to help a student who had difficulty with a particular assignment on a specific day, or to help a student to accelerate in a particular area. SAA will have support staff, including reading specialists, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) personnel, ESOL staff, a speech and language therapist, and an occupational therapist. 6. Q. What are the teachers' qualifications? A. All teachers, Kindergarten through 8th grade, will hold Florida Certifications in their particular fields. 7. Q. Does the emphasis on performing arts create a lack of focus on other academic and enrichment areas? A. SAA believes that a well-rounded student should have the opportunity to be actively involved in not only all academic areas, but in enrichment areas as well. Students have an equivalent of half-hour classes daily in art, music, Spanish, computer and Physical Education (P.E.). Academic subjects have longer daily class periods, ranging from forty five (45) minutes to one hundred and twenty (120) minutes, depending on the subject area. Students interested in a greater involvement in the performing arts have the opportunity to do so during after-school hours. Giving students the opportunity to have all the above subjects daily allows both right-brain and left-brain stimulation. 8. Q. What are SAA's school hours? A. SAA's school day will be from 8:00am - 4:00pm. Students may arrive at 7:45am (unless they are enrolled in before care at Julie Rohr Academy), and will need to be picked up at 4:00pm, but can stay until 4:30pm if needed. This longer school day will accommodate daily inclusion of enrichments. 9. Q. Will SAA offer "before/after care"? A. If you are looking for before/after care, please go to the extended care program and download the contract, then bring it to the main office. If you have questions regarding our extended care program, please contact the office directly: 941-377-2278. 10. Q. Will transportation be provided? A. Sarasota County School Board will provide bus transportation, via pocket pick ups. Please refer to the Transportation page for more information.


4466 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232

(941) 377-2278




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