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Influenza Season in Sarasota

A Tale of Two Siblings ...

Picture this recent scene at our office ... Siblings.

Each wrapped in a blanket. Both shivering with fevers, and coughing and sneezing. Both carrying buckets (they’ve been vomiting and are on the verge again). Both pale. One crying quietly. One curled up on an exam table too sick to sit. Both have the flu ...

Neither had flu vaccinations. Because they said they didn’t want a shot. Both said they want to get the vaccine now.

And so it begins. These two school-aged children will likely miss a couple of weeks of school and will feel miserable for a good deal of that time. They will fall behind in their school work and their parents will miss work to care for them. We can treat the symptoms and, if they’re lucky, they may be candidates for Tamiflu which may reduce the effects and duration of the illness by one or two days. This is the best case scenario ...

For children under two, children with asthma, diabetes, and other medical conditions, the flu can pose an even greater risk than missed school and days of feeling miserable. It can trigger pneumonia and other related complications, and even lead to hospitalization. Even healthy children are at risk! During the past two flu seasons in the United States, 60% of children who died from the flu were otherwise healthy.

The flu season has arrived in Sarasota and based on what has been reported from the other side of the globe where winter has come and gone and along with it, their flu season, this is expected to be an especially bad year for flu in this country. We are already beginning to see that prediction come true.

As the two children pulled their blankets around them and left the office, buckets in hand, we have a renewed commitment to ensure that all of our patients have the opportunity to be protected from this very contagious virus with potentially serious consequences.

Dr. Weiss’s and Diane’s children and grandchildren have been vaccinated. Our entire team has been vaccinated. More than 700 of our patients are protected. What about you and your children?

According to the Center for Disease Control, getting vaccinated against the flu is the single best way to help protect children from the flu and its complications.

If you are hesitant to get your child vaccinated against the flu because you have questions, please call so we can answer them for you. If you just haven’t had time, please give us a call. Our flu clinics are open throughout the week and we’re certain to find an appointment that works with your busy schedule.

Wishing everyone a healthy season ahead!

- Diane

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