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Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School | Sarasota, FL

Welcome to the Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School:

Feel free to explore the outstanding educational opportunities and wonderful extracurricular experiences Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School has to offer their students in grades PK3 – 12. As a private school in Florida, extensive opportunities are offered to their students such as the AP course work, the band/strings program, the global education program, the K-12 daily foreign language program and the Marine Science Initiative, to name a few. Saint Stephen’s sits on a gated, 35-acre campus which includes their “green” Sunlight Middle School that opened in 2010, a dock on the McLewis Bayou and beautifully manicured sports fields.

Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School’s mission is to:

  • Provide a superior academic program which prepares each student for a college or university compatible with the individual’s academic ability, interest, and needs

  • Instill in each student a love of learning, an active respect for all members of the school community and a fundamental sense of integrity

  • Provide a nurturing environment which values independence and self-worth, physical health, spiritual awareness, and responsible global

What Distinguishes a School as an Episcopal School?

This question, perhaps more than any other, is asked by those who wish to understand more about who we are and their distinctive identity as Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. The answer, as affirmed by the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) is that Episcopal schools are Christian communities whose missions integrate spiritual life into all aspects of the educational experience.

At Saint Stephen’s, the way they approach faith and spiritual education revolves around inclusion, understanding, compassion, personal character and ethics. They are proud of the diversity of religious faiths represented and all families and children are welcomed without question. This diversity is a strength. The mission as a school involves creating an environment where “spiritual awareness” is valued.


315 41st Street West Bradenton, FL 34209 United States (US)




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